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"Every body responds differently to treatment. Sometimes a specific technique will be a game changer and other times it will prove ineffective. Having a tool box filled with a variety of skills to draw from is essential for every body therapist."

- Alberta Girl Body Therapy

Wellness Massage

30 Minutes - $45.00

60 Minutes - $85.00

90 Minutes - Insider Exclusive

Mixed Modality treatment that aims to improve your overall sense of well-being & decrease pain in areas of complaint by creating an environment in your body that is receptive to positive change. Emergency Services Pricing applies (Police, Fire, Ambulance & Military). Join Alberta Girl Insiders for exclusive offers.

Visceral Massage

45 Minutes - $65.00

Treatment that relieves tension & dysfunction affecting the organs through gentle, therapeutic touch. Clients remain fully clothed throughout and this session may also be paired with a 30 minute Relaxation Massage by request.

Cupping Massage

60 Minutes - $90.00

90 Minutes - Insider Exclusive

Therapeutic Massage with the use of silicone cups. The lift and suction created increases blood flow and separates tissue layers to promote circulation and healing response. Clients with any medical conditions area asked to contact AGBT as cupping is not safe for use under certain circumstances.

Couples Relaxation Massage

120 Minutes - $150.00

(currently unavailable)

Unwind and come together! Reconnect with a special someone in your life with this opportunity to each enjoy a 50 minute Relaxation Massage back-to-back and learn multiple massage techniques that you can use at home. Clients must be from the same household at this time.

Pregnancy Massage

60 Minutes - $85.00

90 Minutes - Insider Exclusive

Modified treatment to promote relaxation and help manage pregnancy related pain or dysfunction. Pre and Post Natal clients cleared for massage by their physicians are welcome. Babies who are not yet mobile are also welcome in the treatment space at the parents' discretion.

Virtual Consultations

30 Minutes - $35.00

60 Minutes - $65.00 

Individual treatments offered on a case by case basis; intended for clients in remote situations needing ideas to help manage their orthopaedic concerns or conditions. Initial Online Assessments will be 60 minutes and follow-up sessions will depend on the needs of each client.